Join the surfing for change movement.


WHAT CAN I DO?: We believe our friends at Thrive Movement┬áhave found some of the best ways you can start creating meaningful change today! So instead of reinventing the wheel, we’ve linked to their TOP 10 CALLS TO ACTION

Here are the websites and calls to action that I think are important to get involved with.
My goal is to have my website serve as an onramp for participation and help you get involved with other organizations doing good work.

Project: Indonesia Trash Tubes


  • Project Clean Uluwatu
  • Save The Waves
  • GAIA
  • Travelers Against Plastic


Project: Travel Guide To Nicaragua Project: Indonesia Trash Tubes



Project: J Bay Nuclear


Project: Where is ‘Away:’ Solving Plastic Pollution in 4minutes

Let’s end plastic pollution together! Here are some rad websites who we recommend.


Project: Buy Local, Surf Global

Shopping locally and responsibly makes a HUGE difference in your local economy, and in the lives of people all around the world. Here are a few simple ways to get involved.


Project: BP, You, and Me


Project: Claim Your Change

The key message of Claim Your Change is to encourage folks to bank locally. Here are a few online resources for people who want to bank and invest with socially responsible and local institutions. Also some good orgs working to stop banks from funding coal.