My new movie is up now. Please share this important message with your friends!

My new movie is up now. Please share this important message with your friends!

Jack Johnson is just one of the amazing people in our upcoming movie! Please share it with your friends Saturday May 14

The world release of our new movie, Where is Away, comes out May 14

Who would win in a battle? My money's on the metal straw. What do you think?

Heading to interview Annie Leonard Tuesday

I want your help coming up with the title of my next movie. It's on solutions to plastic pollution. I want surfers to like it. If your idea is a winner you will win this FREE SECTOR 9 DECK! No ideas are bad.

Just saw one of the coolest documentaries I've ever seen last night! Check it out.

My backyard today!

Are you still banking with a large corporate bank? See how easy it is to move your money and BE A LOCAL!

Is your plastic bottle getting a massage in some far away fantasy land after you use it? Or is it more likely face down in a river like this? Hey, at least it gets to go surfing around the world as soon as it reaches it's next destination. Sweeeeet! Sorry for sounding like a downer, I just had to do some venting this morning.

Pam Anderson: Don't judge a book by it's cover.

Boards Made From Plastic Bottles?

Got to talk with some smart kids at PCS school today


Just got my first 2pg spread in Stab Magazine! So amped I might spontaniously combust into flames! Thanks @daniel russo for climbing up a mountain in Sri Lanka in 90degree heat to shoot this photo. Cyber high-five!

Surfline just posted Buy Local, Surf Global. Please leave a comment on their site. Woohoo!

I just make a new Surfing For Change Facebook page. I hope you "Like" it.

Visited the waste management site on Oahu today

At home :) Photo Will Henrey

Shot by Mike Healey

Shot by Mike Healey

Shots by Mike Healey

I got to interview informed musician- Jack Johnson today for my movie!

Interview with

Tyler Fox did a little interview with me

First day here

Surfer Magazine article on my project (click photo for link)

Leaving for Oahu

Ping Pong has everything to do with local banking!

Check it Here!

Van Jones on Plastic. Rad presentation!

Ever heard of PVC?